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FNL Icons

Feb. 15th, 2011 01:16 am
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Total Icon Count: 35 - spoilers for 5x13

Teasers: Icons Here! )

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Because Twitter and Tumblr will slip away after tonight. I wanted a more permanent place for us to have our ~feelings~.  Gif it, link your fic recs, or just wail as you see fit.

I can't believe you're almost over, show. Thank you for being amazing.
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This is the one 'private' place I have left online, since my Twitter is unlocked and Facebook is a vaguely regulated free-for-all.  As my use for Livejournal shrinks to just fandom babbles and personal discussions, I think it's only right to downsize accordingly.

So basically, if our interactions only happen somewhere else (e.g. Twitter) or if we just don't have the same stuff in common any more, then I've unfriended you.  It isn't personal really, just a case of managing certain conversations.  Since this journal is pretty much all f'locked, I totally understand if you wish to remove me in turn.

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Swiped from the lovely austen:

Ask me fandom-related questions in the comments. They can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

My full archive at A03 for reference (though the most recent few are still only at [livejournal.com profile] fictorium  if you have story questions)  You can anon if you need to.
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I changed my username. In case you're drunk and wondering what the hell is going on.  Since the Queen somehow overlooked me in the New Year's Eve Honours, I have made myself a Dame.  You'd best believe I am somehow expecting to get boozy with fellow DBE Harriet Walter as a result.   A girl can scheme, can't she...?  

(Also, I like that it could be Spanish for 'gimme Lola'.  Which I'm sure you all say on a daily basis, etc.)
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In no particular order, here are the shows you should have been watching in 2010:
TeeVee...! )
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Total Icon Count: 91 Teasers: Icons Here! )

Please comment and credit if you find any snagworthy?
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I did it! I did it and it is done. 50026 I staggered across the line with tonight, and I swear to God there's an actual story in there somewhere too. Thank you to everyone for putting up with me, and good luck for the last day fellow Nanoers.

In celebration: ANONYMOUS MONDAY RIDES AGAIN! We can talk about books, personal goals, achievements, fuck ups, the price of cheese or any goddamn thing you like. Just try and be decent to each other, and if you can't be nice, at least be amusing.
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Thank you for writing me a story!

Here's a bit about the requests I made, in case it helps:

9 to 5 (Parton/Resnick Musical)

I am pretty much madly in love with this show, and especially the three women.  Violet, Judy and Doralee are wonderful in really all of the different ways, and I'd love to read fic with 'missing scenes' from when they have Hart hidden away, or when the whole mess is over and Violet is CEO, how they celebrate.  Very much down with Violet/Joe, any or all of the girls in a f/f(/) situation, or really anything about this lovely little show that I miss so much.


Obsessed with Patty Hewes, and I finally fell in love with Ellen over seasons 2 & 3.  I love them when they're sneakily attacking each other, when they're joining forces to basically defeat everyone, or when they're at one of their weary impasses where neither knows when the other will strike.  The power dynamics, how they dealt with the events at the end of season 3, anything where they get drunk and inappropriate.  Basically, if it's Patty/Ellen, I'm there and cheering you on.

The Good Wife

I love Alicia.  I love Kalinda.  I love Diane.  I love Will even when I don't want to.  I ship any combination of these four characters, but principally Kalinda/Alicia and Alicia/Will.  Whether they're working after hours to crack an impossible case, drunkenly celebrating, consoling each other in troubling times or trying to make a 'plan', I want to read about it.  

V (2009)

Erica Evans is my girl and I ship her with everyone, essentially.  Hobbes, Jack, Anna, her ex-husband, Ryan - all of these are a-ok with me.  Whether it's a fic where Anna acts upon her newly 'caught' humanity, or Erica is caught in a lie somehow, or Jack's faith is even more seriously tested, yes please.  Angst, anger, danger and tension are the things I love most about this show, so very pro-fics around those emotions.  Oh, and I have I mentioned how hot they all are?  Well.
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 This Is Why You're Awesome Meme!

Let's face it, who doesn't need a little cheering up?

♥ Pop your username in here as a comment, and then link to your thread to send people here and let them tell you exactly why you're awesome.

♥ Comments can be anonymous, IP logging is off. (not that I actually have any idea what one does with an IP address, but anyway.)

♥ Want to pimp? Here's the code you'll need:

Save the meanness and trolling for a hate meme, if I see it here it'll be deleted, no questions asked.
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Fandom: LOST
Red, Green, Blue: When You're Gone, Colours Seem To Fade
Spoilers for seasons 3-5. Warning: some images include blood.

An awful lot of Juliet )

Caps taken with Video Frame Capture
Coloured in Photoshop CS5
Comments and criticism gratefully received.
Please do not repost elsewhere.
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Or the 5 best Sorkin Characters and why you should love them too

CJ Cregg

She's smart, she's sassy and everyone wants to sleep with her.  Despite her calm, professional exterior that allows her to hold her own with Kings and Presidents, she's a mess in her personal life.  We all want to be her when we grow up, no matter how grown up we're already supposed to be.

"The point is that apartheid was an Easthampton clambake compared to what we laughingly refer to as the life these women lead. And if we had sold M1-A1s to South Africa fifteen years ago, you'd have set the building on fire. Thank God we never needed to refuel in Johannesburg!"

The next four )
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I already love you for being my writer, so just sit back and enjoy writing.  I can't wait to see which of these you write about :)  Details of my likes under the cut, etc.

Deets )
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Five Words Ficlet Fest

Tell us a (very) short story

Open to ALL fandoms, ALL pairings or gen, and all ratings.
Post a new comment with the fandom (and pairing if applicable) in the subject field.

Then tell us a story in five words.
It really is as simple as that!


Feel free to pimp, the text box was making me crazy or else I would have provided one ;)
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Fic What I Wrote This Year:

(APPROX 56000 words of FIC)

+ 33,827 words of novel.

Another Late Night: Adelle/Echo, R
Medical History, Cuddy, G
It's Just Another Morning Here, Cuddy, Wilson, Taub, Cameron, PG
Crashing The Party: Cuddy, Cameron. PG.
Winning and Losing: Cuddy/Stacy, NC17
Apology: House/Cuddy/Thirteen, NC17
Stop Ruining Nadal Matches For Me: Cuddy/Amber, PG
All The Points Where Contact Fails Us: House/Cuddy/Stacy, NC17
Safety, House/Wilson, PG13

Mathematics of Regret: House/Cuddy, NC17
Midnight Coward, House/Cuddy, NC17
Catch Me, I'm Falling: House/Cuddy, NC17
Another Lost Summer: House/Cuddy, G
Remnants of Life: House/Cuddy, PG13
Icon ficlets: various, House, West Wing, Nurse Jackie
On The Warpath: House/Cuddy, PG13


It Was An Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Weeny (red) Polka Dot Bikini: Hugh/Lisa, NC17
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (Part 1): Hugh/Lisa, PG13
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (Part 2): Hugh/Lisa, NC17

What Happens In Vancouver: Hugh/Lisa, NC17

Privacy, Hugh/Lisa, NC17

Tonys: The Aftermath: Janney/Ripley, NC17
God bless you all for prompting me, this was a wonderful exercise. Results under the cut, bearing in mind these were written in one sitting with no beta, mmkay?

House - Cuddy, post Under My Skin )

Stacy - Cuddy )

House - Cuddy post The Softer Side )

Diana, post-show, Next to Normal )

Andy - Toby )

Eleanor O'Hara, Nurse Jackie )
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So I was finally sorting out my documents, and I found a completed fic that I wrote over a year ago, but for some reason never posted. It's House/Cuddy and well, here it is.  I'd be especially interested in hearing how you think this compares to what I'm writing lately, or really just any thoughts at all.

Title: Remnants of Life
Author: lauriestein
Rating: PG
Pairing: House/Cuddy
Words: ~1900
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing. All characters remain the property of Fox, David Shore, etc.
Spoilers: Set in the hiatus after the season 4 finale.

Choose a book, doesn’t matter which one. From this book you'll take the 1st sentence on page 10, 20, 30, and so on, and write a story based on each of those sentences.

, pg 20

"Or, to put it another way: we have all become monsters, but there is almost no one without some remnant inside him of life as it once was."

Remnants of Life )
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Title: Another Late Night
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lauriestein
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] furies
Fandom: Dollhouse
Pairing: Adelle/Echo/(Margaret?)
Rating: R
Word count: ~1200
Disclaimer: If I were skipping I would hear 'not-not-mine'. No profit, no harm, no foul.
Warnings: (if any) Unless you view the whole 'doll' situation as dub-con, no.
Summary: Adelle is working late in the office, again. She gets some unexpected company. Written for [livejournal.com profile] femslash09

Another Late Night )
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Title: Medical History
Author: Lola [livejournal.com profile] lauriestein
Prompt/No Prompt: see prompt table below.
Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 2675
Rating/Warning: G - Spoilers up to 5x20 'Simple Explanation'
Summary: Cuddy, past and present.
Beta: None, as such
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the ideas, I've just thrown in a few extra details that popped into my head. Please, not to be suing, ok?
Written for [livejournal.com profile] house_of_fanfic challenge

01.First Operation 02.Scalpel 03.Oxygen 04.Roles Reversed 05.Patient
06.Death 07.Life 08.Sedative 09.Vomit 10.Med School
11.Stitches 12.First Job 13.Nerves 14.Surgical Mask 15.Incision
16.Residency 17.Shoe Covers 18.Retirement 19.Practice 20.Writer's Choice

Medical History - Lisa Cuddy )


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